Horses on Paper

Selected Works

Winged Rider on Gray Horse 
44″ X 30″ Acrylic on Paper

My goal is not to agonize over what I’m doing but rather just to do it.

My process: there is no perfection, have reasonable expectations.  Trust your own hand, paint intuitively.  And you have to listen to that very strong voice when it says we’re all done.


White Horse and Rider in Orange
44″ X 30″ Acrylic on Paper

White Horse with Blue and Green Rider II
44″ X 30″ Acrylic on Paper

The more painting I have done and the older I have gotten, I have had to work against being tired and walk away when I am out of energy.  Painting for me is like a workout.

Koskinas Snow HorseSnow Horse
40″ X 30″ Acrylic on Paper

Koskinas Snow HorseSnow Horse II
40″ X 30″ Acrylic on Paper

Koskinas Horse with Green RiderHorse With Green Rider
40″ X 30″ Acrylic on Paper


A chance meeting with a lost stallion on an Arizona highway set in motion my lifetime obsession with painting horses.  Later I added a rider to these horses.  The riders have become self portraits and a search for unity between horse and man.  

I am fascinated with the shape of the horse, especially the head.  I change the shape of the head, sometimes lengthening it, sometime shortening it. I like to paint them life size or almost life size. I can abstract it, elongate it, shorten it.  Painting the horses on paper allows me to be more spontaneous and expressive and make them more abstract. I can always go back to the horse, he is always there for me.

-James Koskinas

Julie Schumer Dialogue With Black