Being an artist is a unique filter through which life’s experiences are processed. Responses and expression emerge that are completely your own. The unspoken is revealed.


Four collections of work by James Koskinas are now available for purchase online.

koskinas Girl with Ochre IIPortraits on Canvas

girl with orange by james koskinasPortraits on Paper

james koskinas Horse and Rider with BlueHorses on Canvas

Horses on Paper

Painting to me is like a shamanic experience.

It means riding the edge– the experimental zone where your deepest and most relevant growth happens.  It’s also where meaning may be unraveled and rewoven, where the world may undergo foundational changes and where unexpected imperatives may drive the work into new directions.

Whatever your edge may be, it is rich with life giving risk, and when you are risking you are calling forth the very best from yourself.

View video demonstrations of James’ techniques.

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