James Koskinas Face with Black 9, 40 x 40 acrylic with canvas

Being an artist is a unique filter through which life’s experiences are processed. Responses and expression emerge that are completely your own. The unspoken is revealed.


Portraits on Canvas

Faces are one of my primary subjects, part of my quest to know the human condition.

koskinas-Face with Yellow_60 X 48_60 X 48_acrylic canvas
girl with orange by james koskinas

Portraits on Paper

I like building faces and then watching them go wild.  I like to bring them back and reassemble them in some order.


Horses on Canvas

I am fascinated with the shape of the horse, especially the head.
I can always go back to the horse; he is always there for me.

James Koskinas White and Red Horses in Ochre Field, 60 X 88, acrylic on canvas
james koskinas rider on gray horse with ochre

Horses on Paper

A chance meeting with a lost stallion on an Arizona highway set in motion my lifetime obsession with painting horses.